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Wake Up
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B・SYNC ON is a delayed release wake-up supplement that helps you wake-up naturally after a full night’s sleep.

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The ON magic

Alarm Clock - wake up with ease, when you want

wake up with ease, when you want

Designed for your unique lifestyle visual

designed for your unique lifestyle

Formulated by scientists to help you wake up with ease

formulated by scientists

Clinically tested by sleep experts

clinically tested by sleep experts

Safe and trusted ingredients

safe and trusted ingredients

Girl waking up with ease after taking B-SYNC ON food supplement that supports your natural wake-up process.

Your rhythm. Your life.

Synchronise your inner clock to your lifestyle and wake up with ease – when you want. Perfect for anyone wanting to control their sleep-wake cycle, whether you’re a shift worker or a night owl trying to function in an early bird’s world.


How does it work?

Ingredient core is coated, take the capsule when you go to bed and it disolves during the night giving you the extra boost when you wake up

With our innovative formulation, B・SYNC ON is the only supplement specifically targeting the wake-up process.

B・SYNC ON is consumed before going to bed but the caffeine, minerals and vitamins are not released for 7 hours. These core substances will only be released after a full night’s sleep shortly before awakening. As a result, they positively influence your cortisol level and boost your natural wake-up process.

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Capsule including caffeine, vitamin b12, vitamin b5 and zinc

The ON-Formula

Our scientists have come up with the perfect mix of safe and trusted ingredients to make sure you start the day off right. The unique combination of Caffeine*, Vitamin B5 and B12 as well as Zinc work together to reduce tiredness and fatigue, boost your mental performance, sharpen your focus, and elevate positive mood.

Vitamin B5
Vitamin B12
* This product contains caffeine. Caffeine is not suitable for children and pregnant women.
Couple in bed waking up naturally with B-SYNC ON

Over 70% of our population suffer from ‘social jetlag’.

We’ve all experienced it. Waking up tired and moody, not ready to start the day. As it turns out, we are among millions. Studies show 70% of the population experience a difference of more than an hour between their lifestyle and their inner clock which means we wake up feeling tired. As scientists we decided to address this problem by creating a supplement that kicks in just before you wake up. 

You will never suffer that pre-coffee struggle again.

The circadian clock controls processes - from gene expression to sleep and wake up. We've put years of development and clinical studies* into this product. And it works. We want to share this with you and help you synchronise your inner clock and determine your own rhythm.
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* Our clinical in-vivo study demonstrates that B・SYNC ON is proven to increase positive emotions and reaction times while reducing negative effects associated with sleep-pressure such as negative emotions, physical, cognitive and emotional sleep inertia symptoms. Our study is currently under review to be published.


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